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The Weekly Horoscope. Map and listings for intouch credit union in Las Vegas, NV. The problem with taking out the k loan is that you now need to repay it, or suffer tax consequences. Best Horoscopes - Astro Shop. Understanding Astrology. Free Horoscopes. Astro Shop. New: Stories from the Stars. Psychological Horoscope. Relationship Horoscope. Yearly Horoscope Analysis. RAY : As far as I see it, there have been three major revolutions which have taken place in astrology over the last century or so.

The first of those would be the psychological shift. Carl Jung and Freud were largely responsible for that, in terms of their influence seeping into astrology. Now, you did have inklings of psychology in astrology before the 20 th century, no doubt about it. Quite a few centuries ago, you could find comments about certain character traits as indicated by certain zodiacal signs or planetary aspects. As I said, my first two teachers were at different ends of that spectrum.

Maureen Cleary was far more oriented towards psychology, and while Kriyananda had a deep grasp of the spiritual dimensions of astrology, he regarded psychological astrology as too often being very vague, and not practical enough. Funny enough, there was actually more overlap between their approaches than either of them seemed to realize, because Kriyananda could be very insightful in his interpretations about psychology oftentimes, and Maureen Cleary could be very astonishingly accurate when talking about the practical side of what the chart showed.

So I think the division between their approaches was not quite as big as it first appeared. I remember when I was first doing astrology, how long it took just to construct a chart, especially when it came to things like progressions. As a result, you now have a new crop of astrologers who are quite brilliant and who can draw upon and benefit from the research of their colleagues, as well as from those who came before.

Which leads me to the third shift in astrology, which has been the rediscovery of the ancient traditions , whether those be Medieval or Hellenistic, Chinese, Arabic, and so on. I had a new student not too long ago who said they felt actually overwhelmed by all the astrological information out there, since they believed they had learn it all in order to become a good astrologer.

I said to them, no, not necessarily. For some people, it would be better to just put down your stakes in one territory and develop that as much as possible before taking in everything. RAY : Okay, I had a client come to me who had been to an astrologer who was extremely well-versed in many aspects of astrology—modern, Hellenistic, Evolutionary, etcetera. It was simply too much of a good thing, in other words. I looked at her chart and saw that she had a very tough energy, a tight Saturn-Pluto-Moon in the fifth house involved in a wider T-square.

It was an especially difficult pattern, and I spent most of the reading focusing on it, because I intuitively sensed it was perhaps the most important challenge in her life. She was in tears by the end of the reading, because it turns out she had been abused as a child, had several miscarriages, and this was the area she was really most curious about. So there were many other things I could have spoken about in her chart, but sometimes less is more. And so having all this information now at our fingertips can be extremely useful, but we have to be selective, we have to be somewhat cautious in how we use it.

But so, those are the three revolutions, if we can call them that: the psychological, the technological, and the historical, or the resurrection of those older traditions. Now, what was your other question? In the same way, if you had asked an astrologer in to predict what was going to happen to astrology in the twentieth century, how could they possibly had foreseen any of these three movements? Some of my colleagues are now involved in trying to create a synthesis of existing elements, of bridging Eastern and Western astrology, of Western psychological with Eastern or Vedic systems.

Or I suppose you could get really speculative, when it comes to future trends in astrology. For instance what would astrology look like on another planet? Or for someone traveling beyond the solar system entirely? What would the chart for an alien from another solar system look like, with a different set of planets altogether? And how would you know what the third planet from the Sun in the system Alpha Centauri means, for example? Or what would astrology be like in a solar system with two suns? What is the astrology of black holes?

There are so many different factors that might play into this, but those are a few speculations. Most probably these will be systems able to learn and to evolve somehow, maybe to think for themselves, too. Do you see any progress driven by the advent of this new technology? RAY : Well, it is an interesting question. No question. What does that really means?

And what does technology symbolize?

Liz Greene - Saturn Webinar Preview

By the way, if you move each of those letters up one step in the alphabet, notice how you get IBM! In the old myths, the old traditions, the hero slays a dragon, which is a more instinctual, more emotional symbol. But in the movie , Dave Bowman, the astronaut, has to slay a robot. So, what does that symbolize?

And I think the possibility that AI could rise up and take over is symbolic of the way our dry, sterile rationality could overpower us, or even eclipse our spiritual nature. Another major focus for me has been mundane astrology, in terms of how astrology sheds light on cultural movements. That was the focus on my second book, Signs of the Times.

I been focusing a lot lately on the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and how those play into personal horoscopes. I mentioned the chakras, and I think that applies not just to individuals but to our collective experience. In my book The Waking Dream , for example particularly chapter 11 , I tried to take what I learned from my studies of sacred geometry and from my conversations with teachers in the Kriya Yoga tradition, and hopefully shed some light on the deeper implications of astrology on that level.

I believe that synchronicity is a far more expansive kind of phenomena than we see with just isolated coincidences—and astrology is the perfect example of that. And it virtually proves to me that there is a transcendental dimension to our world, and to my world. It also gives you an understanding of the good, so-called auspicious energies, which you can take advantage of. So those are some things that I would say in answer to that.

Can you give one or two examples? RAY : It depends on the transit. That might be good in its own way, but Saturn is there to teach you something about your limitations, too, or about letting go of excess baggage in your life. Like high-risk mountain climbing.

But personally, if Saturn were squaring my chart in powerful ways, I would be considerably more cautious! Or, if Mercury is retrograde and is squaring Saturn, is that a good time to start writing a book? Personally, I think not. Editing it, sure—but starting it?

Sound Horoscope

On a positive note, if I have a fantastic Jupiter transit coming up, that might be a time for planning a trip overseas. Different transits are good for different things, so that when I had Uranus trining my Mercury, I chose that as the time to write my second book on the Aquarian Age. When Jupiter was crossing my 9 th house, that was a time that I did a long-distance trip. Now, if Saturn was trining or conjuncting my Neptune, say, I might take that as a time to work on my spiritual practice, or some artistic project.

Do you use any technique in particular? But I will look in particular to the strongest, closest difficult aspects, the closest square or opposition or conjunction. People are heavily defined by their strongest square or opposition. So, I need to know to some extent what they want.

Then, when I put all that together in my head, I go with my intuition, and the spirit of the moment, as to where to take the reading. My intuition has definitely become better as I grown older after having done this for so many years. Is Jupiter in their Sun sign? And so on. And then I draw up a specific transit list to see what all the trends and dates are. But the key thing is to first determine what the big picture is, not just the individual dates. Those, I bring in slowly, and study the various progressions, solar arcs, progressed to progressed, etcetera.

And I put it all together and lay it out for them in terms of what the key trends are, along with a certain number of dates. And I often start off the chart reading by asking what has the last six months been like for you, or even the last year? Do you do readings for couples? When I do couples work, I look at the individual charts first, both in terms of the natal and update horoscopes, all of them, and then I look at the compatibility charts between them.

In what situation would you do it? For what reasons? RAY : Oh laughing … are you asking me if I would ever say that? They might be meant to be together. They may have some very difficult karma, but that could be exactly what they came here to work out. So what I would say to them? But they have to be aware of the struggles and the magnitude of the struggles, and do try to give them hope, if they are both committed to it. There may be a karmic reason that they are together, but they have to make that decision for themselves.

RAY : My technical philosophical answer is no, but my realistic answer is yes. Those are especially difficult aspects to see in a synastry relationship, not impossible, just very difficult. RAY : Well. A big part of it is pure intuition. And some have both. How to overcome it? But it just takes time and you have to be patient.

We can become dogmatic. Or they get into Tropical Astrology or Sidereal Astrology and become dogmatic about it. One of the things that sounded very good to me about Kepler College was the fact that they tried to give students exposure to different systems to avoid that problem, of narrow-mindedness.

RAY : Well, that actually touches out what I just said. The second piece of advice is, do as many charts as you can. The more experience you have doing charts, the better. You really do learn by simply reading for people. Maybe at first just read for free, for friends and family, and then you work up from there and charge money, perhaps. But pure experience is invaluable. Because those are some of the things I learned the hard way, which I think are extremely important in order to avoid problems.

If you asked me 20 years ago, I would have said, yes, perhaps Saturn trine Venus, or Saturn trine Mercury—something. RAY : I know this is probably frustrating to hear, but I have to give a similar answer. I was taking care of a sick family member for two years and it was the hardest experience of my entire life. But it was a valuable experience to go through, on a number of levels—spiritually, creatively, intellectually. Thank you for your own effort on this web site.

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44 Similar Sites like

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After I was working with Dr. Goldstein, many people advised me that they only got legal as a result of the clinic was in a good workplace constructing and had developed a fame for professionalism. Together with that, went the pondering, individuals searching for pot for pleasurable pursuit no longer had to endure the inconvenience of going to a health care provider and citing a bodily ailment to get a medical recommendation to legally gentle up a joint.

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Live support is on the market to patients from 9 am to 9 pm 7-days-a-week. Even for those who believe that your condition cannot be handled with medical marijuana, please visit our clinic and allow our physician to perform a full session. With the authorized issues that surround marijuana evaluation use, access to analysis is limited. Whereas it is best to consult your main care doctor, many physicians are hesitant or unwilling to advocate medical marijuana for worry of federal prosecution. Law enforcement needs to realize that these illegal marijuana clinics are the ones giving the California medical marijuana program a bad rap.

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The Astrology of Fate by Liz Greene - Read Online

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